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A Boogie made a name for himself in 2016. Now it’s time to capitalize. Today (Jan. 15), we get the NYC rapper’s video for the Lil Bibby-assisted song “Proud of Me.”

The song represents Boogie’s come up from rags to riches. In the visual, he and Bibby show off the spoils that come with grinding until you reach your goals.

“I was in debt now I’m Johnny/Pull up in matching Ferraris/Don’t act like you never saw me/I was just shopping at Barneys/Now they be sending me garments/Keepin’ that fly shit on me/New Chanel now when they call me/On the road rollin’ spliffs, never fold, never switch,” A Boogie raps.

Bibby supplies some Midwest flavor to the track, spitting, “I guess it just come with the fame/Tryin’ to throw dirt on my name/I was just poppin’ them Xans/That’s how I dealt with the pain/I channeled the thoughts of my brain/I did it all for the gang/I went and brought me some chains/I just been stacking my change, told my lil’ brother don’t change.”

Boogie has big plans for 2017, which include a collab with Drake. “Y’all [will] see a collaboration, hopefully, if not the end of this year then next year for sure,” he said in an interview back in December.

He also revealed he has a joint project with Zaytoven on deck. “It’s in the making,” the Bronx rapper confirmed. “I got a couple of features right now with Young Scooter, got one with Bibby coming out. The mixtape will be called Artoven. I’m taking my name, Artist, and I’m taking Zaytoven and putting it together. Artoven.”

Watch the “Proud of Me” video, above.

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