Joey B – I’m So Fly (Remix) by Joey B Hip-Hop

Week 5 of the #16Weeks16Remixes16FreeDownloads Game we’re going classic with Lloyd Banks “I’m So Fly” as the canvas. ‘Closure’ is Coming VERY EARLY 2017


First off
They say I’m so fly
I got alibias
On both coasts
In one night
How you hate that?
Late bloomer
But I’m doin what they said I would never
Outcasted til I toured wit Crook Bronze & 80
Now it’s gone from that
To hate daily
Local cats can’t take it
I can feel it every single day
But I laugh it off
Keep doin my thing
So I’m heard
less than I’m seen
But I’m fine wit that
I would rather spit rhymes
You can keep the fame dunny
Cause All I want is the money
Off the words that I write
Right now I got a great thing going
But if something go wrong
You can catch me up in chase
Bloody bodies on the floor
Wit a bag full of papes
Go home and count it up
Next day
I’m like Civil
Son Copping the wraith
Every day I’m gettin closer to
Hittin the bank
But I’m tryna do it right
Suitcase full a hundreds im depositing these
Inhale on the glass
Need that THC
just to get me through the day
Thank god for these trees
They say I’m so fly
I say I’m so high
I feel just like biggie cause I’m ready to die
But this is life after death because I already did
Now it’s time to get this work in
Increase what my worth is
Half this new rap
Swear to god the shits worthless
Mumbl and auto tune
I can’t find a purpose
All I know
Is that it’s time
For that real shit
To finally resurface
For that I am certain
The entity to do it
that’d be me
Sit back
Feel the words homie
Try to envision
A time when lyrics
Provided you goosebumps
Instead of all the noises that you currently hearin
I’m so confused what hip-hops become
Main stream got me praising
The fact I’m underground
As much as I wanna make it
I ain’t tryna get lumped in wit that crowd
But then again that’s me
I been good on my own
For as long as I recall
I’m Done dealing wit fakes
All up in ya face
Wit a smile and a shake
If you poppin
Then they see you as another opportunity
Or favor
You see the circle small
And it’s gettin even smaller
But the army is expanding on a day to day basis
By the time Closure drops
& the fall is long gone
I’m convinced we’ll be rollin with at least 100k
After just a couple years
Of Competing in this game
I finally got a base that truly really relates
To the things that I say
And the shit I been thru
Either way it’s all the same
You guys
You kept me goin when quitting was on my mind
I was ready to dip
I’m out
But you told me stick around
You got a gift to give
So my hopes for the future
To finally tap in
Show the youth there’s no reason
For them to concede
No matter what is the odds
They gonna say you that you odd
cause you chasing what you want
But Do exactly what you do
And ya dreams
Will come true
Me I’m living proof
They told me
Go get a job
I told em I’m doin mine
Every single time speak
I’m spreading a little hope
So a shout
To my people
White Mexican Muslim
Black & Puerto Rican
Gay & Latina