Blac Youngsta stopped by VladTV to talk about his first time being shot at, growing up in an environment where he was constantly getting shot at and his brother getting killed. Youngsta told Vlad his first time being shot at was when he was 8 or 9 years old after he and his friends jumped an older man. “All my life I’ve been shot at I just never took it too serious…” Youngsta told Vlad he was shot three times 3 or 4 years ago and that’s when he started taking being shot at serious. “Wrong place wrong time…I ain’t have my gun on me, where I come from I was gonna ride through and hit anyway…I got shot off some sh*t I don’t even know about to this day.” Youngsta got hit in his leg and his arm when he was the target of gun violence. Youngsta also explained to Vlad he didn’t call an ambulance when he got shot but called his friend to bring him a “choppa” because he was ready to fire back.

Blac Youngsta talked with Vlad about his little brother being killed. He expressed how it changed him, and also said, “I got three little brothers and he was the only one that didn’t wanna be apart of the streets, I kept him in school, bought him cars…I kept him out the way you know someone ended up killing him.” Youngsta said it saddened him and when his little brother died it got him out of the streets. He has yet to visit his younger brother’s gravesite because he still can’t understand why he lost him. Youngsta also expressed he was almost done rapping after his brother passed but he got through it and released his song “Heavy.” Youngsta said he was out of the streets now and focused on his rap career.


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