SHARE – For most celebs, a big motivation to make it is to be able to give back to those who took care of them before the fame, and these two young stars are doing so in a major way; by giving the most important women in their lives new rides.

Atlanta comedian and rapper DC Young Fly and Detroit’s own Dej Loaf both bought their mothers Mercedes-Benz rides this past week and shared the moment via Instagram. Take a look at the surprised and grateful moms above.


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“I’m so far ahead of my time; I’m bout to start another life/ Look behind you, I’m bout to pass you twice.”- Jay Z “Youngins ice grillin’ me, oh you not feeling me/Fine, it cost you nothing/Pay me no mind” “I’d rather die enormous than live dormant” “They giveth and they taketh life is cruel that way/But even a broken clock is right at least two times a day” “A wise man told me don’t argue with fools, cause people from a distance can’t tell who is who.” “Swear to everything, when I leave this Earth, it’s gon’ be on both feet, never knees in the dirt” “No one said it would be easy, n**** livin’ is work” “I’m not afraid of dying, I’m afraid of not trying”