Comedian Deon Cole spoke with VladTV about various topics during a recent sit-down, including why he thinks Hillary Clinton should be the next president, his thoughts on the “Roots” remake, and why he thinks child support laws should change.

When it comes to the presidential race, Deon said that he believes Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to go up against Donald Trump, because she would exude compassion against a “hot head” Trump. He added that it would be great to have Bill Clinton back in office, as Deon believes that he was one of the best presidents of all time.

Deon also spoke about Derek Fisher’s $109,000 a month child support payments, which he thinks is totally unnecessary. The “Black-ish” actor also added that men need to come together to change the laws so that men aren’t paying outrageous child support payments.

Hit the above clip to hear more of what Deon had to say, including his thoughts on Troy Ave’s recent legal woes.