SHARE – Recently, Dr. Boyce Watkins who has earned respect for his poignant insight as a leading scholar and social commentator visited VladTV. This exclusive clip details his thoughts and respect for Hip-Hop personality, Charlamagne Tha God.

After giving props to VladTV for its amazing YouTube presence, the conversation covers a mutual relationship shared with The Breakfast Club’s, Charlamagne. The People’s Scholar remarks that he met Tha God back in 2006, and from that meeting a courteous relationship has been created. Dr. Boyce states, “What I always like about him is that he showed respect for me before anyone else did. And I’ll never let go of that. He’s a good guy.”

Soon, Charlamagne’s organic personality and polished professionalism is brought into the discussion. Dr. Watkins credits having worked with Wendy Williams, who he believes is “one of the best interviewers in the game,” as instrumental to helping Charlamagne hone his present skills.

Eventually, the dialogue arouses a humorous comparison between Charlamagne and Eric Cartman from the animated series, ‘South Park.’ Dr. Boyce asserts, “Nobody really likes Cartman that much, but he’s the guy you always remember in every episode.” After having a good chuckle, The People’s Scholar adds, “He’s going to offend people; he’s going to say some stuff that’s politically incorrect, but I think it’s a style that works in media.”

Check out the full clip to see why Dr. Boyce Watkins claims that “you can’t be 100% likeable in media,” and why he associates Charlamagne’s work-ethic and demeanor to that of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, and Don Lemon.