SHARE – During a recent sit-down with VladTV, Lord Jamar touched on a host of topics including what motivates people to take from others, the Charlie Hebdo massacre, the USA imposing its worldview on other countries and more.

Jamar began by addressing why he believes people rob convenience stores, saying that people tend to commit crime where they feel most comfortable, and convenience stores tend to be “convenient to rob.” He then speaks on what a waste it is for folks to get sentenced to years in prison over a crime that netted them a few bucks.

Moving on, the Brand Nubian emcee touches on the massacre of the staff of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo by Islamic militants, saying that while it’s certainly tragic, he doesn’t believe people should be able to ridicule major religious figures without repercussions.

Check out the clip up top to hear Lord Jamar break down the problem with America attempting to impose its worldview on other nations, how the scare over lack of resources is all a farce, and more.