SHARE – Earlier this year Stephon Marbury stated that Michael “Jordan is robbing the hood” with his Nike sneakers during an announcement for the re-release of his affordable Starbury shoes, and we asked Metta World Peace about his thoughts on the statement.

The Lakers baller told us that while he understands what Marbury was saying, Metta believes that Stephon needs to address Nike since they’re the ones choosing the price of their shoes. Metta added that the current prices of Jordans reflect the market and the popularity of the shoes.

When asked about what he saw people in China wearing while playing in the country, Metta told us that they predominantly wear real and fake Jordans. Despite it being taboo in the sneaker world to wear fake shoes, Metta admitted that he doesn’t really see a problem in it since Nike makes so many billions each year.

To hear more of what Metta World Peace had to say, including his thoughts on finance and being modest with his money, hit the above clip.


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