I Have Clear Eyes On The Sea (prod. THE LESSER KEY) by IreQ Savage✨

Produced by @user-552964449

Create interest for more attention
That’s the key I phase through dimensions
My intention is easy entrance
Less friction more retention less division
Two parts of a whole
Respondin’ through mentions
Dense as moonlight on werewolf eyes
I tell by the tide that things can go awry
A weary sight setting in the midnight sun eye
See simply explained I vocalize pain
My eye prowess births black flames
I search for heroes but all I see is stains
Livin’ life for gains
I’m the greatest I see
I do this in my sleep, do it like I please
I understood how two makes we
But you and I plus my ego makes three
Too deep for the shallow
Too shallow for the deep
I’m somewhere stuck between unable to separate my wants from her needs
Caught up in the middle ground watching the ocean recede
In my eyes
You and I is the same as only me