Lady Luck has had ongoing tension with Remy Ma over the years, which she touched on during a recent interview with VladTV. She explained that she wishes Remy nothing but the best in life, however, Luck frankly says that she sees Remy as nothing but a competitor when it comes to rap.

The New Jersey-born rapper also revealed during the interview that she had some of the darkest times in her life after her battle with Remy Ma. After making it clear that it wasn’t the battle itself that made her suicidal, but it was the harsh comments from haters telling her that she lost the battle that put her in a bad spot. Luck explained that she gets down over comments that she reads online, which she believes is and unfortunate and unnecessary part of fame. Her girlfriend, the famed model, and entertainer Somaya Reece, offered a different approach when it came to haters, as she points out that she’s been dealing with trolls since being one of the most famous people on Myspace during early social media days.

To hear more of what Somaya and Lady Luck had to say during the interview, including how they deal with haters, hit the above video.