A man with no political experience was just sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, so at this rate anything is possible. After it was confirmed singer-songwriter Christte Michele would perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration ball, many online scolded Michele for participating in any Trump activities. Film director Spike Lee was probably the most vocal and doubled-back on including Michele’s’ “Black Girl Magic” song in his upcoming Netflix series She’s Gotta Have It. Lil Mo however didn’t appreciate Lee’s retraction of Michele’s song and made her feelings known.

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“[The] way I saw her being attacked on social media, I took it personal, but I said, ‘No, this is business, and there’s a reason why God trusted her enough to accept whatever offer,” the “Superwoman” singer said during her visit to The Fam In The Morning radio show.

But it unfortunately doesn’t end there. On Saturday (Jan. 21) Mo took to Instagram to announce she now wants to fight Spike Lee. She tagged Floyd Mayweather as well as 50 Cent and said the day Chris Brown and Soulja Boy fight, she wants to step in the ring with Lee. If she wins, Lee will have to fork over his front-row tickets to the Knicks games and to cut down on costs she’ll even sing the national anthem.

In real life Lil Mo said this.

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“The same day Breezy go up against Draco, I want to rumble [with] Mr. Do The Right Thing. It’s all entertainment,” Lil Mo said.

Maybe she’s joking and we’re taking this too seriously, who knows. But we highly doubt Lee will get in the ring with Lil Mo, but we are doing is waiting patiently for this response from Lee because it will surely be great.

Stay tuned boys and girls.


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