Lil Wayne gave the gift of fandom over the holidays by spending time at the Children’s Hospital in New Orleans.

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On Thursday (Dec. 29), fan site Lil Wayne HQ shared a photo of Wayne and Kiron, a teenager who wished to meet his favorite rapper. The teen was reportedly shot in the spine earlier this month (Dec. 9), paralyzing him from the waist down. In addition to providing good vibes to Kiron, the rapper also visited other patients and snapped pictures with the staff.

Wayne’s good deeds have always been appreciated by fans, even if the rapper wishes they remained under the radar. “To be totally honest with you, that’s Cortez,” Weezy told MTV News in 2012. “If it [were] left up to me, then y’all still wouldn’t know what I’m doin.’” Some of his charitable efforts include giving back to Hurricane Katrina victims, teaming up with a youth mentoring program called Stoked and providing clothes to the children of Haiti with marketing queen Karen Civil.

He also sent the mother of a former pen pal a motorized wheelchair. After bonding with New Jersey native Ronda Austin during his time at Riker’s Island, he found out her mother; Evelyn Austin was disabled. Thanks to his gift, Ronda’s mom was able to leave her home for the first time in years.

Despite his feelings about the Black Lives Matter Movement, the rapper also took part in Tidal’s 10/20 charity concert in 2015 which raised $1.5 million for the cause.

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