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In this clip, Maino talks about his run-ins with the police as a child and explains some of his worst encounters. For starters, he detailed how being called the N-word by a white cop as a child almost reinforced how he felt about himself and his environment. He later discussed a time while on the train he had his arm broken during a scuffle with police regarding an alleged robbery on board the subway. Maino also disclosed that he’s a voter and that felons in the state of New York still have the right the vote.

Maino was shown a clip of Louisiana Sheriff Prator whose press conference went viral after painting prisoners in Louisiana state facilities as slave labor. Maino was visibly shaken by the sheriff’s comments and talked about the prevalence of racism in America today. He said that despite being so enraged by his comments he likes when racists reveal themselves. Maino and DJ Vlad went on to discuss the way incarceration in the United States is an extension of slavery, what work-related options prisoners have while incarcerated, and how little they are paid.


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