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“Ron G is definitely more than just a DJ, he’s also a producer, remixer and  percussionist.” THE GOLDEN SILENCE: Ron G has always been the type to move silently, and silence is golden. Not many mixtape DJs can credit themselves with setting a trend that became a permanent facet in Hip Hop & R&B Music. Throughout his nearly two-decade career, Ron’s production and mixtape outlet combined have shed light on the careers of artists like TREY SONGZ, MARY J. BLIGE, B2K, MICHAEL JACKSON, DMX,  R.KELLY, FAT JOE, J-LO, LL COOL J, NOTORIOUS B.I.G., BIG L, TUPAC SHAKUR, and DESTINY’S CHILD’S KELLY ROWLAND to name a few of the hundreds. Although not as highly publicized, Ron G’s skill and dedication stand parallel, and often surpass the most highly decorated producers in the game. Those in the know can’t deny that not only is Ron G one of the hottest DJ/Producers in existence, but also an extremely talented musician and CEO.  THE REAL LIFE STORY OF THE UPTOWN INNOVATOR, DJ RON G  “I GREW UP LISTENING TO MICHAEL JACKSON TRACKS, SO IT WAS AMAZING TO DO A SONG FOR HIM!” RIP MIKE Recollecting his first listen of legendary DJ Red Alert’s 107.5 WBLS FM (N.Y.C.) mix session in 1989, the former b-boxer-turned-percussionist says, “I was fascinated by him.”  Who knew that nearly a decade later, Ron G would create the number one time slot during his own hour-long mix show on WBLS FM in New York City, as hip hop’s on-air teen prodigy, “The Youngest In Charge”.  As a product of the Polo Grounds Housing Projects in Harlem, NY, which overlooks the infamous Rucker Park playground, Ron would spend hours reading through the pages of Right On and Word Up magazines, dreaming of one day becoming someone big in the rising world of Hip Hop. With the aid of his mother, who bought Ron his first set of DJ Equipment in the seventh grade, and the paper route money he saved to buy his first set of records, Hip Hop & R&B music would soon gain a new twist.  After losing his mother to illness, shortly after obtaining the equipment, Ron became determined to exert his sadness into something positive. “When that happened, I stepped up everything,” Ron Recalls of his devastating loss. “I started working double hard, started making more tapes, started getting more parties, and started meeting more people. That was one of the situations that I had to get over and it was really hard, but I did it.”   Upon introducing the world to blend mixtapes, which put R&B artists’ vocals over Hip-Hop tracks and vice versa, they became a 1991 sensation that is now a staple in hip hop music. Having developed the hottest sound on earth, and equipped with an honest approach to the business, Ron G got his first television exposure on YO! MTV RAPS with Host Fab 5 Freddy. Soon after he embraced by the many legendary artists that often camped out in his in-studio, Harlem apartment. Through his dedication, the “Youngest In Charge” eventually earned a new name, “The Mixking”.   One of the most memorable moments of The Mixking’s career was when he collaborated with the “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson, producing a blazing track called “One More Chance”, on Michael Jackson’s 2004 album, The Ones (Sony Columbia). “I grew up sampling Michael Jackson songs, so it was amazing to do a track for him,” says Ron. “R.I.P Michael.” Despite experiencing the ups and downs of a young striving entrepreneur, Ron G’s career has outlived many.  As he mentioned during his week-long stay on B.E.T’s, Rap City, his consistent grind hasn’t diminished in the least. He has continued to play a role in today’s industry. In the August 2009 edition of XXL magazine, he was recognized for his skills and talent that he brought to the industry with his Hip Hop and R&B “Blends”. Ron has a distinguished voice that he has become well known for. Also in 2009, Jim Jones & DJ Webstar selected him to do one of his famous vocal trends on their album titled Roof Top. In the movie Notorious, Ron G’s name was heard in the part of the song “Juicy” that was chosen for the actor, Jamal Woolard to rap while playing the role of Christopher Wallace. In 2010, Ron was mentioned in Jay-Z’s book, Decoded, where Jay-Z highlighted how important Ron’s mixtapes were in getting his music heard in his early career. He talked about the importance of the mixtape that Ron released titled Dead Presidents, as this was also the name of Jay-Z’s debut single from his Reasonable Doubt album. Currently, Ron G can be heard on his four internet radio shows that air, spinning the latest Hip Hop, R&B, and old school music. These shows are aired on,,, and Also, he continues to release digitally distributed mix CDs twice a month, often hosted by today’s biggest artists and featuring the hottest signed and unsigned talent. Not only can Ron G be heard, but he can also be seen making guest appearances at various events. Ron was selected to be a guest poker player on the televised CW11 show, Hip Hop Hold’em, where he sat alongside, radio personality Egypt Sherrod, Bre Skullark from America’s Next Top Model, Finesse Mitchell, and other entertainment industry notables. The overwhelming viewer response to the 30 minute segment prompted the network to air the show numerous times since its initial debut.    Meanwhile, his exceptional production craft is still in heavy use, mainly in R&B these days, where he is currently working with some of the top artists. He is also expanding his line of achievement by engaging himself in other areas of expertise and markets. Masterpiece, a popular Tokyo-based clothing line, along with other major clothing lines, have chosen Ron G to assist in their company’s marketing campaigns. He is also sponsored by the company, Traktor Scratch, which produces professional software and systems for DJ'S and musicians. Ron G has been quoted by some to be the “king of the cyber world”. This is due to the heavy internet promotional team he has created and his numerous followers on today’s major social and music websites. He has been successful in recent days, just as in his earlier days, in helping other artists become known to the world. He has even created and launched his own social website,, where one can go to get the hottest music, news, trends, and other information pertaining to the music industry and beyond. An undisputed legend of the game, Ron knows that playing your cards right is the key to success.  His advice to those striving to be the innovators of tomorrow is simple. “Be intelligent. You have to know how to hustle, how to make money, how to talk, and how to be a part of the game,” he says. “You got to live it, breathe it, smell it, and shit it. Do all of the above, and you’ll always be alright. And just pray, because I pray every single day.”