MOTIONLESS (Remastered) (Prod. Chad Dexter) by Lloyd Droid



[Verse 1]
You are now a witness
I’m about to end this
I promise I won’t stop until I get consensus
Writing these words I attack your senses

But haven’t you heard? It’s a fact I’m relentless
I plot these missions,
Control my visions,
When I look back I skip over you bitches

your main opposition
I sustain my position
And I’m coming right at you like a train when I hit this
An insane collision
And I remain imprisoned

Having fun at the bottom I get no recognition
I’m on my own expedition
Can’t control my ambition
Pretty easy to win when I have no opposition

But I have a proposition
We can make a coalition
I will wait for your decision
Disappear like a magician
Make a smooth transition
To the back of Gordan’s kitchen
Turn up the heat and roast the dishes
Like a Ruiz apparition


[Verse 2]
Record labels see me
They never wanna sign me
I’m a little anxious but I’m not whining
I just really don’t like being silent
You ask me to shut it I might get a little violent

I live on my own island
Yeah good luck trying to find me
I’m all alone but I swear to God I’m not hiding
No I’m just out here so I don’t have to stop writing
Ok let me make this clear I’m never gonna stop climbing

Yeah, I’m elevating to new heights
And if I don’t reach it tonight
I will not stop trying to fight
And I promise I will keep on reaching toward the light

And I’ll eliminate
Everyone that’s in my way
You better quit the game and save
Before you end up in a grave
And I do not discriminate
Who the hell I incinerate
You really should just get away
Before you burst up into flames

(Chorus x2)

[Verse 3]
Are you really gonna leave me just sitting here
I don’t understand I don’t like holding still
I mean what is the plan I will wait until
You give me a chance, I love chasing the thrill

I mean the thrill of the chase
I always will win the race
While you exfill and get away
I will just chill, I’m here to stay
I have the skill to make a play
And I have bills I need to pay

And when I think about the options I don’t see any other way
For a year I have been plottin’, left the set and took the stage
I think it is time to hop in, need to vet my mental state
The songs will keep on droppin’, you can bet I am engaged

But I am still not poppin’ you can guess I am enraged

And I know who is to blame
It’s the labels I will say
They said maybe another day
never felt that much shame

The whole system is deranged
They determine who gets to play
Choose the version of the game
Close the curtain and walk away

(Chorus x2)