Saturday not only brought the release of Drake’s More Life, but plenty of listener speculation about who was being targeted with various bars. A cursory listen hints at Meek Mill once again finding himself in Aubrey’s crosshairs, but a quick run through of “Do Not Disturb” also gives the impression that whatever was going on between Drake and fellow Canadian Tory Lanez isn’t exactly finished.

“You overnight celebrity you one day star/I swear I told you I’m in this bitch for eternity/I am a reflection of all of your insecurities/Behind closed doors a lot of 6 God worshipping/Done talk now ‘cause there’s other shit that concerning me,” Drake offers on “Do Not Disturb.”

On the most basic level, this could be a play on Tory’s given name, Daystar Peterson. There’s also the not so subtle reference to I Told You, which was the title of Tory’s 2016 studio album.

For those who have been following the history between Drake and Tory, this isn’t new territory. Tory Lanez got off a quick joke about Drake’s relationship with the city of Philadelphia—and presumably by extension Drake’s beef with Meek Mill—when he quipped that he was good in Philly, unlike “other guys.”

Drake infamously opened the “Summer Sixteen” Tour by firing off a round at Tory and saying, “All you boys doing fake Controllas wanna be me a little?” 

None of this was lost on Drake fans listening to More Life Saturday, as many took to Twitter to comment on the tension between Drake and Tory Lanez.

With Tory at least acknowledging the perceived shots from Drake in February of 2016, there are plenty of dots to connect.

Source Complex

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