Another day, another shot fired by Soulja Boy.

On Sunday, the “Crank That” rapper released a new track called “Hit Em With the Draco,” which takes some not-so-subtle jabs at Chris Brown and 50 Cent.

“Ayy 50 Cent what you talking about?/You made all that money off Vitamin Water and then filed for bankruptcy/You know I’ma knock Chris Brown out when I see him,” Soulja says in the intro. Don’t worry, it gets worse.

The rapper then immediately goes into the chorus, which is nothing more than him repeating “hit ‘em with the draco.” Those who are familiar with Soulja’s work, know the draco is the mini AK-47 that he’s trying to capitalize off of.

A photo posted by Soulja Boy | Draco (@souljaboy) on Jan 9, 2017 at 9:23pm PST

“50 Cent he know about me/Everybody know I’ma get to the cake/You on the block, I’ma hit you with the draco/You know that I put it in they face,” he raps. “[…]Hit ’em with the draco two times/Stand in the box, I jab I jab/I’ma knock out Chris Brown/ Lot of money on my neck/Riding round with a check.”

Though Soulja says his beef with Brown goes back to 2009, the feud didn’t make headlines until this year, when Soulja claimed Brown threatened him for liking a picture on Karrueche Tran’s Instagram. Since then, the two stars have reportedly agreed to a boxing match, which is what Soulja is referring to throughout the song. And when it comes to his beef with 50? Well, just like  many of you, 50 can’t resist trolling Soulja, and the 26-year-old has had enough. 

You can listen to “Hit Em With the Draco” above.

Source Complex

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