Swizz Beatz has been cooking up some heat for his fans.

The veteran hip-hop artist jumped on Instagram to preview some new music from the studio and it’s sounding incredible. He captioned the first video, “Zoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” before ripping into the beat. “Okay, real chat/To all my school teachers that said I wouldn’t make it,” he spits before leaning into a hook about doing things his own way. 

In another clip, he excitedly yells into the camera, “Yo, yo, yo, yo, the album’s crazy!” Just so you know that he’s serious, he even “promises on his moms” in another video before playing a track where you can hear DMX rapping over the beat.

Unfortunately, Swizz did not leave the videos up for long and has deleted the six clips he uploaded. Thankfully, some dedicated fans grabbed the video before he removed them and uploaded them to their personal accounts. In the since-deleted videos, he mentioned a long list of features from DMX2 Chainz, Young Thug, French Montana, Giggs, and Teddy Sinclair.

We have to give it to Swizz for building anticipation with these incredible previews. Watch a few of the clips below.

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