Wale shared a lengthy post on Instagram on Sunday where he aired out some of his grievances towards the music industry.

In his message, the rapper took aim at how certain aspects of an individual aren’t respected while others will stick their hands out only to fail when it comes reciprocity. “This music industry will take your soul then make you want [to] leave,” he wrote. “N***as don’t respect humble, n***as don’t respect intelligence. They’ll ask for ‘this or that’ and you deliver it they’ll say it never happened.”

Wale also mentioned how negativity seems to garner more attention than the celebrities who actively try to spread positivity. “Let me air out some people, it’ll make headlines,” he wrote. “Let me uplift some people it’ll get buried quicker than u can say ‘leanmollyxan.'”

Wale saved his most damning comments for the music industry at the end, claiming that “they’ll kill you and then worship you when you gone.” Clearly, Wale needed to get some stuff off his chest, but after letting the post stay on his page for a little while, he decided to take it down.  

Wale posts message on Instagram.
Image via Instagram

Just because Wale deleted the message on Instagram, it doesn’t mean that his sentiments towards the music industry have changed. He’s still upset over how controversy seems to get all the headlines while positivity doesn’t get much of anything. And most importantly, he still stands by the belief that the music industry will kill you only to praise you once you’re gone.  

Source Complex

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