There’s nothing quite like watching Kurt Cobain rip through a live performance of Nirvana‘s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” If you’re anything like us, looking through old bootleg recordings of the song is a favorite way to kill an afternoon.

Thanks to the guys at The Rockin’ 1000, there’s a new clip to add our Nirvana binge sessions. Bringing together over 1,200 musicians (guitarists, singers, bassists, and drummers) the group recently recorded a live cover of the 1991 single in a huge open-air arena in Italy.

Organizer Fabio Zaffagnini explained to NME that the experience was pretty wild for everyone involved, saying, “They all joined this project and took the flight to come over to this tiny town that is Cesena and to perform in front of thousands of people, just like rockstars do. Actually they’re just normal musicians playing in pubs, but for once in their life they were in a context that is similar to the one that is generally reserved to rockstars.”

As it all comes together, seeing the power of 1,200 musicians performing in unison is pretty incredible.

Watch the clip above and check out similar covers they’ve pulled off with The White Stripes and Foo Fighters songs below.


Source Complex

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