There was a lot of money in the building at King of Diamonds strip club in Miami, Fla., last night (Jan. 14). Big name rappers 50 Cent, Birdman, Young Thug and the Migos were all in the spot, taking in the scenery and passing out donations to exotic dancers.

Footage from the club shows 50 greeting Birdman with a warm embrace as they link up.

Another videos shows all the rappers posted up together while music blares from the speakers.

The Migos have reason to celebrate. Thanks to Donald Glover, their hit single “Bad and Boujee” has shot into the stratosphere.

“I think they’re the Beatles of this generation, and they don’t get a lot of respect, I think, outside of like Atlanta,” Glover told reporters, in interviews after the Golden Globe Awards. “There’s a generation, sort of like the YouTube generation that I kind of came up with, there’s a generation of kids that are growing up on something that is completely separate from a whole group of people. And honestly, [“Bad and Boujee’s”] just fly. There’s no better song to have sex to.”

After being shouted-out by the actor/rapper, their Culture single rose to No. 1 on the Billboard 100. The buzz surrounding the track led to the song’s streams shooting up 243 percent on Spotify.

Culture drops on Jan. 27. The ATL trio will kick off the release with a concert in New York City the same day.

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“I’m so far ahead of my time; I’m bout to start another life/ Look behind you, I’m bout to pass you twice.”- Jay Z “Youngins ice grillin’ me, oh you not feeling me/Fine, it cost you nothing/Pay me no mind” “I’d rather die enormous than live dormant” “They giveth and they taketh life is cruel that way/But even a broken clock is right at least two times a day” “A wise man told me don’t argue with fools, cause people from a distance can’t tell who is who.” “Swear to everything, when I leave this Earth, it’s gon’ be on both feet, never knees in the dirt” “No one said it would be easy, n**** livin’ is work” “I’m not afraid of dying, I’m afraid of not trying”