Doris Payne, the legendary thief, is back in custody. The 86-year-old was arrested at her Atlanta home on Monday (Mar. 13), after not showing up to a scheduled court date because of an illness. Over the last 60 years, Payne has swiped over $2 million in valued jewelry, with her most recent robbery occurring in December 2016 after hitting ATL’s Perimeter Mall.

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The hall-of-fame thief opened up about her kleptomaniac past in The Life And Crimes of Doris Payne documentary featured on Netflix. “I ain’t running,” she told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in a phone interview. “Medically, I was not able to go.” According to the Sheriff’s Office, Payne was dealing with severe pain, related to a lump in her neck. “It might be cancerous,” she said.

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After being deemed too ill to stand trial in February for a separate incident, Payne is scheduled for arraignment on March 29.


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