After keeping fans in anticipation after 2015’s And After That album, GoldLink has liberated his At What Cost LP through RCA Records/Squaaash Club. The 14-track effort features cameos from Wale, KAYTRANADA, Steve Lacy, Jazmine Sullivan, Shy Glizzy and Brent Faiyaz.

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Last month, VIBE caught up with the DMV native in Miami to discuss the direction of his latest project. He says the his hometown inspired him heavily on At What Cost.

“The best thing I can do is make the best music I possibly can so that we can go as far as we can, and then point the arrow back to where it came from,” GoldLink said. “I’m trying to spread my message that I’m trying to get across and convey it clearly.”

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He continues: “My biggest influence is my city,” Goldlink told VIBE before his set. “There’s so much there. We have our own lingo, food, music and culture. Growing up in that city and seeing so many different personalities and hearing so many stories, it completely 100% shaped me into the person that I’ve turned into.”

Goldlink hopes he can be a key in spreading the talents of his area to the rest of the world. While there’s been plenty of artists before him to rep for D.C., the rising musicians feels the DMV deserves more shine.

“It’s more about the city and where I’m from,” he said. “I feel like even just like in general the DMV artist are not really slept on, but they’re slept on because there’s no history of where it comes from. For example, if 21 savage comes out its so interesting because we’ve seen Atlanta do this over and over again. Their support system is so strong but we don’t have that in D.C. so it’s like people don’t understand how much we influence everyone and everybody, but we don’t get any credit for it. So the project is really talking about the history of where I’m from and talking about it in so many different tones and lights. The point of the matter is making parallels so that it’s a worldlier concept.”

His At What Cost album is available on iTunes now.


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