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Joey Bada$$ really lived up to his name when he pushed a President Trump impersonator off a stage a while back. The problem is, the actor wasn’t too happy with Joey’s move, and is now hitting the “Land of the Free” performer in his pockets.

TMZ says the President Trump impersonator—whose real name is Phillip Wilburn—claims Joey pushed him off a stage at an MTV in L.A. event all the way back in September. Wilburn says he had to pay $1,000 in medical expenses after the fall and claims he might need surgery, which could bring the total up to $25,000. He also says he expects to lose around $50,000 in profits. Wilburn is suing Joey for $1.5 million.

There’s no telling how far this case will go, but there is video evidence of Joey shoving Wilburn off the stage. Needless to say, Joey will get hit pretty hard in his pockets if Wilburn wins this case. Joey is willing to sacrifice for the cause, but this probably isn’t what he had in mind. If anything, he believed his music would get him into trouble.

In a recent interview with Pharrell, Joey said he believed the powers that be might blacklist him for the content of his forthcoming album, All Amerikkkan Bada$$

“If certain things don’t happen, then I’m like… I’m pretty convinced that like, I might be blacklisted or something like that,” he explained. “Hey man it’s deep, like you know, the things that I’m saying on this album isn’t what you hear rappers saying or speaking about. You know what I mean? It’s really topics that I think need to be discussed more in music.”.

We’ll have to see about Joey’s content for ourselves when All Amerikkkan Bada$$ drops on April 7. You can see the clip of Joey pushing Wilburn off a stage below.

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