Aside from Blac Youngsta making headlines when he was wrongfully arrested outside of a Wells Fargo bank for withdrawing $200K of his money, he has won many fans over for his hilarious antics on social media. Flossing wads of cash—all hundreds of course—Blac has come a long way from his impoverished childhood.

Growing up in South Memphis, the rapper says he couldn’t afford food so he began working a store and would take home leftovers after making false delivery calls. “I used to make false calls and s***, order food, and s*** so when it got closer for when we leave, and they don’t come get the food, I just get the leftovers.”

Once his place of employment closed down, he says he was then forced into the streets and began “swinging” and selling drugs to his family and friend’s mothers. “At 12 and 13, I was selling crack.” He told DJ Vlad. “I was serving my aunties; I was serving my n**** aunties, my n***** mamas. I was serving whoever. I don’t give a f*** if you a baby, if you want some crack, that’s what we were doing.” The Memphis rapper then goes on to explain to Vlad how he would sell fake bricks to his customers. “I used to serve n****s fake bricks, I ain’t going to lie,” asserted the rapper. “Getting $90,000 or something out of a n**** real fast back then because it was just a little bit cheaper…I used to have a lot of shootouts and s*** because I was selling n****s bull***t dope. I didn’t care.”

In the interview, Blac Youngsta talks about taking money his mother gave him for school clothes and flipping it by buying more drugs for resale, selling more weed than crack, and why he preferred to sell his family drugs.