Heather Hunter has enjoyed successful careers in both the film and music industries, and she revealed that while many people would think it would be taboo to come from the industry to music, she got nothing but love. Heather explained that she always had a closeness with the hip-hop industry after growing up in the Bronx and frequenting Latin Quarter, one of the first clubs in NYC to play hip-hop. Heather added that she was able to work with some big names, including Scott Storch, Timbaland, Uncle Luke, and Akinyele, who mentored her at the beginning of her music career.

During the conversation, Heather also spoke about getting her start in her career after being discovered in the strip club when she was eighteen, after starting in the club just a couple of years earlier when she left home. She added that just one year after being in the business she started working for Vivid as a contract girl, which Heather admitted opened up a lot of opportunities.

To hear more from Heather, including why she decided to fully retire from the industry, hit the above clip.