SHARE – During his latest interview with VladTV, rapper Immortal Technique discussed the “evolution of gender politics.” In this clip he makes it very clear that he has no problem with people such as Caitlyn Jenner identifying with a gender she wasn’t born into, but for it to be discussed as much as it has it’s just become “another distraction from something that’s obviously happening” elsewhere in the world.

Immortal Technique also gets asked about the clip where viral star Antoine Dodson recalled being molested, which in turn made him feel as if he were homosexual. Hearing that brings Immortal Technique to a time when one of his close female friends told him of a similar situation that made her question her sexuality. “When you’ve suffered that sort of trauma who knows where you are really, mentally,” he states. He even recalls a certain time in jail when two male inmates began trying to prey on a young man, to which he interjected.

To hear more from Immortal Technique about negative factors that may influence a person’s sexual preference, press play above.