Killer Mike sat down for an exclusive interview with VladTV, where she shared stories about his past drug dealing, living the street life, and his father being a police officer.

When it came to him living in the streets, Killer Mike explained that his father was no longer an officer, and he added that he did everything to “insulate” himself from being arrested. The Atlanta rapper made his point by telling us that he never was inclined to stunt in the clubs after making a big amount of drug money, and Killer Mike added that he invested his first $15,000 on studio equipment for starting his music career.

During the conversation Killer Mike also shared his thoughts on Bankroll Fresh being fatally shot outside of a studio in Atlanta, which the “Big Beast” rapper said made him “hurt.” He then added that he wishes he could personally sit down with all of the up and coming rappers and tell them that the street life won’t matter a year into breaking onto the scene.

Check out more of what Killer Mike had to say in the above interview.