SHARE – Nyomi Banxx spoke at length about the racism she witnessed during her career, including directors not paying her for interracial scenes when she was on camera with a white man. She explained that the industry only considers a black man and white woman to be an interracial scene, and Nyomi said she would refuse to do the scene if she wasn’t paid fairly.

During the conversation the former actress also explained why she decided to “stay on the white side of the industry,” as she said that there was a difference in the money. After four years of working with white companies, Nyomi said she starting working with West Coast Productions, who specialize in black and interracial scenes.

When asked about why there aren’t as many black actresses in the industry, Nyomi said that she believes the unfair treatment is a big reason. Elaborating more on the topic, she explained, “You could see the mistreatment that [black actresses] were getting, especially in the pay rate.” Nyomi also said that there was a bait- and-switch trick that some of the girls were victim to on sets, which you can hear more about in the above clip.


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