Mutah “Napoleon” Beale of Outlawz fame spoke exclusively to VladTV from his home in Saudi Arabia. The famed rapper recalled his days rapping with 2Pac, his time at Death Row, and his thoughts on Suge Knight’s current legal troubles.

When it came to 2Pac, whom he met through his childhood friend and fellow Outlawz rapper Yaki Kadafi, Napoleon revealed that he linked up with Pac when he was just fourteen. After many name changes with the group, Napoleon also revealed that 2Pac officially changed their name to Outlawz once they signed to Death Row. When asked about his time at Suge Knight’s former label, Napoleon revealed that there were a lot of crazy times, but he added that the media blew a lot of the drama out of proportion.

During the conversation Napoleon also spoke about seeing 2Pac right after he was shot at Quad Studios in New York, and the rapper stated that 2Pac was paranoid of everyone around him. Napoleon also revealed that after bouncing around to various hotels, 2Pac sought safety at the home of an unnamed well-known actress.

To hear more from Napoleon, including how he thinks the situation with Suge Knight running over actor Cle “Bone” Sloan is sad, hit the above video.