Elizabeth Olsen stopped by Sway in The Morning to talk about her upcoming film, Wind River, where she plays a federal officer in her first murder investigation. Olsen explains that her role gave an ultimate culture shock, in which the film’s setting takes place on a reservation. She states, “A blonde white young woman, who is on a reservation, who has no experience, it’s kind of like a big feud to the reservation people.” She also gives the details about the in depth training for her role, particularly her three months of intensive gun training. She also discusses another upcoming film, Ingrid Goes West with co-stars, Aubrey Plaza and O’Shea Jackson Jr. For the role preparation, she decided to stay off social media. However, in real life, she admits that she is not that active on social media. Wind River will be in theaters on August 4th and Ingrid Goes West will be in theaters August 11th.

Tune in to hear more about her training for her film, her experience playing these roles, and more.

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