SHARE – For episode 8 we have rapper Nore sitting on “The Vlad Couch.” The LeFrak City emcee had quite a bit to say about what’s happening in the world today, from being profiled due to his ethnicity to lighter subjects like who he feels is the ultimate “King of Hip-Hop.” One particular topic of interest he spoke out on was rekindling a friendship with fellow Queens native Nas, as their beef had lasted for well over ten years.

It all started when Nas went on Power 105.1 and dissed Jay-Z, Hot 97 and several others, but Nore got involved once he started calling out other rappers who he felt needed to “start rapping about something that’s real.” More specifically, he told Nore to step up his rap game, and the two haven’t spoke ever since. Years later, both emcees came together and decided to squash it, and Nore remembers “the first thing the man said to me was ‘Sorry’.” He also added that “if it wasn’t for Nas there might not have been a Mobb Deep, and if it wasn’t for Mobb Deep, there might have not been a Capone-N-Noreaga.”

In this podcast Nore also adds his two cents to the never-ending “King of Hip-Hop” debate, where he makes controversial claims like Eminem is the Elvis in hip-hop. As he watched him grow as a rapper over the years, Nore feels Eminem is a King “in his own right,” though he still doesn’t feel as if the Detroit MC should take the crown.

Listen to hear more of his opinions on Eminem, why he feels the Lil Wayne and Young Thug beef was marketed by Baby, and why he “respectfully couldn’t care less” about Caitlyn Jenner and her journey to becoming a woman in his laid-back interview on “The Vlad Couch.”


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