SHARE – Back in the Hot Boys days everyone in Cash Money used to be seen rocking blue bandannas. Then, gradually Lil Wayne began to rap about his Blood affiliations and every member of the crew would be seen sporting red. Turk, however, says the Hot Boys and Cash Money never had ties to gangs while he was there, and instead wore certain bandannas just to coordinate with their clothes.

“We roll in cliques, but as far as gang banging colors and things of that nature and having structured organizations, there wasn’t none of that — I used to put bandannas on for a belt,” says Turk, who prides himself on being “neutral.” As far as any gang affiliation after Turk left Cash Money, he can’t speak on it; he just knows that he personally is not gang affiliated and never has been. “I can’t speak on something I don’t know,” states the 34-year-old, referring to the remaining members.

Watch the clip to see Turk speak on the younger adults back home repping gangs now and more on Cash Money’s gang ties above.