Recorded from September 11th 2019 – September 27th 2019

Recorded at (3rd floor cave)

Executive Produced by Suprchnk

Mastering by Lonny Views

I was told by my aunt Grace to finish what I started around this time last year before she died. I promised her I would. It didn’t feel good being gone for a year but I wanna thank my brother LV for being there when my equipment was stolen by the pussy in El Paso. I’ve kept lots of people waiting & I’ve made it my business to deliver with this one. Suprchnk brought me from the grave with his ideas and sounds while I was in a slump of a horrible situation, fighting struggle all while maintaining a bullshit job to stay afloat and i will always love em for that.

Thank You’s to Quadry – Jreal The Realist- Kick Push Kade- Chance Mulrooney for all adding their own styles and flavors into my world of sonic confusion, beauty, and sometimes darkness.

Artwork : Suprchnk