nothing is fine/everything gets worse by RaiD

even when everything seemed fine on the outside, it was all far from ok for me. life only continued to get harder, leaving me lonely, still in pain (with increased likelihood of my nerve damage being permanent), entirely out of money, and now forced out of another place just as I had started feeling comfortable enough to call it home. the first portion (nothing is fine) musically tells the tale of my twisted emotion within anger, self deprecation, anxiety, and confusion journal entry for journal entry. the second portion (everything gets worse) is me reflecting upon my depression in the points where I have been too defeated to be angry at anything or anyone. These all have been works meticulously created, mixed, and mastered in the past year and I really hope you enjoy enough to listen in it’s entirety and click like, repost, share out, and /or download on bandcamp.

now that i’ve spewed the shit out of my mouth, please enjoy

nothing is fine/everything gets worse.

album art by SulkingDrake ( on insta)

bandcamp links for download: