The Gospel by Ero Seagull

Kickin up dust
Descending from heaven
Used to be an angel
Now I work until eleven
I like to cause chaos
Just for the sake of it
Have shaken the order
Before it was AD
My mind is unquiet
And I do not belong
I do not have a master
My father is our God
I guess you guessed my name
I come and then I go
Wait for the judgement day
I’ll conquer this world
I’ve never shed a tear
Don’t long for Britney Spears
Beginning with the word
But ending with fear
My wings are my armour
Emerging from the ashes
And in the dawn of time
There was one thought that I am
The kingdom of heaven
We discussed all the matters
But I had to descend
Because I felt desire
My name is entangled
With Eva and apples
In every life
I come back to find her
I jump with full trust
I’ll love her forever
We are the beginning
And we are the ending
I came as the Christ
And she was my Mary
We walked in the desert
We walked in the prairie
She loves every breath
That I even take
It’s not until death
It’s quite the contrary
I teach you to act
Unconditional love
The original form
Without the maths
Without calculating
What’s in it for you
We lost all the pureness
When I got abused
There’s no need to argue
We are under construction
Living in harmony
And reaching the almighty
The God cursed my daemons
And gave ‘em an ego
They go down to hell
And never get reborn
I speak of the truths
I get on a cross
They’re calling me devil
And strip what I own
My father has seen me
To sin and to fight
My mother has seen me
To love and to die
There’s no need to cry
The miracle’s coming
I told her before
They saw me perish
Mary had a plan
To meet me in Paris
To make love to her
And also have babies
But God told me not
Judas would betray me
I would resurrect
N’ save the living
You must comprehend
The way we dig it
We go by best choice
Make the most of it
In the mount of olives
Jude called the police
He told them where I roam
I forced him to do it
The word was with God
He thought it was bullshit
He cried and he shouted
I don’t want you captured
But it got to happen
After the last supper
We lost all the hope
In the crucifixion
Much worse than we thought
And we have seen evil
He loved me so dearly
And he couldn’t take it
He watched all my suffer
Decided to end it
He’d meet me at home
By home I mean heaven
It’s all complicated
The court gave the verdict
The angels will help
The earth to lose burdens
We are real rebels
And work for a cause
To better the freedom
Have no one as a boss
A world of sheer love
We never forsake you
There’s no chosen ones
Don’t ever mistake it
Don’t ever lose hope
A soul has no blemish
You have it all wrong
Just initiate it
Believe in one world
And you’ll be protected

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