the protagonist (prod. [substance]) **DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE** by nora.

produced by @s_ubstance

mixed by Ryan Vazquez @domestic_puffin


cold mornings warn us of the nights to come
my paper’s due tomorrow but my canvas blank
drowning sorrows in a bottle hoping it’ll open doors
it’s campus life
focus on my goals but i’m hopeless when i’m bored
this can’t be right
i once spoke to an orphan who told me push forward life’s a voyage transcending our corpses
we’re the legends of the stories foreign to their enforcement
the journey transforms us, metamorphosis
still witness infantile endorsements
fame and fortune that tortured him bent him over like contortionist
the pussy not the potion
but the pussy need devotion
and the secret might be poisonous
a diva’s just a voice in the void for the vultures feeding off her
bitch you won’t control this shit
fuck the politics
i just need exposure and some polishing
astonishing how rarely they acknowledge the positives
cognitive dissonance
caught in the imminent
in my element, hella bent, emulating the eminent
emeralds rubies and amethysts
no amateur
a master anarchist when i put pen to paper
admittedly hard to bend
I’m adamant

I think I’ll call this The Protagonist